Muscle and Joint Pain-Sports injuries-stress-Insomnia-Fatigue-Anxiety-Rehabilitation

The Anma Clinic

Chris Milford - Lead Practitioner


Chris has worked in the West End and around the world as a professional dancer, actor and puppeteer for over 11 years. During this time he had his fair share of injuries, aches, pains and niggles. 

Chris was introduced to Japanese Integrated Medicine over 9 years ago. A recurring back injury had returned. In the past this injury prevented him from working for over 5 weeks, despite a number of vigorous treatments from a top London Physio. His sister (also a Professional Dancer) had kept raving about Japanese Integrated Medicine and he couldn't afford to miss so much time on the show he was performing in - so he tried it out. After just one session he was able to return to the show the very next day. Furthermore, this particular injury never returned. Since then he made this his “go to” treatment and continuously recommended friends, colleagues and family who each have their own success stories. 

In 2016 Chris decided to start learning these therapies and began training with Dr Chris Roworth at The Chestnut Centre in West London. At the same time he was lucky enough to be able to practice and treat Professional Circus Artists around the globe, from Australia to America and many places in between! 

What is Japanese Integrated Medicine?

Japanese Integrated Medicine uses a variety (or integration) of therapies to treat the problem, but also to find and treat the cause of the problem. 

These include muscle functioning tests and applied kinesiology, spine/joint adjustment, traditional Japanese acupuncture/acupressure, visceral massage, cranial and sacral release, Japanese style cupping, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. They are used simultaneously to readjust the body in order to achieve a faster and healthier natural recovery. 

Applying these therapies not only helps in treating acute sports injuries, but also life-style and occupational strains, mental health and wellbeing, nutritional health and many other issues. The goal being to significantly boost patient recovery, prevent future injury/illness and to greatly enhance overall health.

Note: These therapies are all included in the same appointment and not priced individually.