Muscle and Joint Pain-Sports injuries-stress-Insomnia-Fatigue-Anxiety-Rehabilitation


Luke cJ, 26 - Midlands

"I went in apprehensive of what to expect and came out a new man. Due to the nature of my work I have been to countless physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage specialists all over the world. Not only did the work I had done on my body release the pain and stiffness, but I gained more of an understanding of my own body. Chris found all the points I had issues with in my back and neck and also some I didn't know about. Will definitely be using this as my 'go to' from now on. Huge Thanks Chris"

Holly T, 35 - Kent

"Had issues with my shoulder for quite some time since having children. After a couple of sessions I noticed such a difference, so much tension released and no more headaches! Thanks so much!"

James D, 30 - London

"As an ex-professional football player I am quite familiar with sports related treatments and this has to be one of the top on my list. Chris was very confident and knew a lot about my body before I could even tell him. I never had the cranial or visceral massage before which was really interesting for me to learn about and I feel it was a great addition to the rest of the treatment."

Sarah D, 47 - Kent

"Very impressed with the different techniques Chris used to help me. Very friendly and he explained a lot about Japanese Medicine which I had never heard of before. Chris has since helped my husband who has had chronic back pain for years so we are very grateful to find him"

Nyron L, 30 - London

"Really great treatments, I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues who have all been really satisfied!"

Jessica W, 26 - Kent

"I am a dancer and injured my knee a few years ago and have had problems ever since. Chris worked on my knee, but also my hip and my back as I was completely out of alignment. I have felt such an improvement, my leg feel stronger and my whole body feels a lot more balanced"